Filters • Flow Meters • Heat Exchangers


Tank Heating is more than a fabrication job!!


2) Strain Flash – Basket Strainers made from cast iron and alloy steels for batch and continuous duty operations.

6) Filter Press Flash – Filter Press Systems for industrial waste water, plating waste streams, bio-diesel systems, edible oil filtration.

7) Filtration Flash – Filtration is the solution to liquid solids separations in a wide host of industrial applications.

12) Metals Finishing Flash – Metal Finishing Waste Water Treatment


1) Gas Flash – Information about temperature compensated and pressure compensated natural gas meters for industrial and commercial applications.

3) Flow Flash – Insertion type flow meters in stainless steel for measuring the flow of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids in pipes sizes 1.5″ – 100″ and Oval Gear Meters for high viscosity measurement of industrial solvents, oil, grease, inks, hydraulic oils and other tough to measure fluids.

5) Cooling Tower Flash – how to track water usage in cooling tower applications to minimize sanitary district fees.

9) Gas Regulators Flash – Pressure Regulators for Natural and LP Gas used by Generators.

Heat Transfer

4) Hot Flash – On demand hot water heaters for CIP systems, pasteurization and reactor vessels. Vortex Plate Steam Flow Meters featuring dual sensor technology.

8) Heat Exchanger Flash – Heat Transfer technology has evolved from shell and tube to shell and plate units. Performance has increased, size has shrunk.

10) Tranter SuperChanger Flash – Links to Tranter SuperChanger Service Videos.

11) Heat Exchangers Flash – Welded Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers by Tranter.