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About Meters & Controls, Inc.

Providing Engineering Specialties to Industry Since 1920

Since 1920, Meters & Controls has provided engineering specialties for Industrial processes. We work with EPC’s, end user engineers and maintenance professionals creating and sustaining systems in the processing industries, manufacturing industries, and monumental architectural mechanical systems throughout the Midwest. In the 21st century as firms seek ways to reduce Green House Gasses and reduce their carbon footprint, Meters & Controls has tools to measure natural gas usage, steam, water and critical process systems that can interface with building controls and process distributive control computers. We also have tools to help recovery thermal energy, minimize landfill volumes and reduce and reuse water.

Meters & Controls is uniquely positioned to help you meet your process measurement goals and provide tools to help reduce and manage industrial processes to achieve your GHG CDP reporting with solutions tailored to their specific requirements. From basic off- the-shelf items like appliance gas regulators to custom engineered systems for the automotive, steel, grain processing, pharmaceutical, and heavy equipment manufacturers we work to meet the needs of industries in the 21st century.