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Technical Solutions for the Processing Industries.

Meters and Controls is positioned to provide product based solutions to the industrial processing community. Industry leading product solutions with filtration, flow measurement and heat transfer equipment. Whether your problem is measuring and controlling natural gas used in a major industrial complex to filtering out micron sized precipitated salt crystals that form in a very narrow temperature band. When the need to control the temperature of quench water in steel mills or dewater sludge in an industrial waste water treatment facility, we have equipment to help you achieve that goal. We have tools that help you measure, control and optimize your process. Meters & Controls has been helping you control your processes since 1920.


Meters & Controls has a large tool box of filters to apply in solving your filtration applications. To help you sort through the possible tools, to help you understand why and when to use one filtration device or another we offer this basic selection tool as a guide to begin your selection of a solution.

Flow Meters

Measuring the flow of fluids and gasses over wide process operational variations has proven to be quite puzzling. Temperature, viscosity’s, velocity, materials of construction, meter accuracy, power requirements and piping arrangements all must be factored into the selection process. Rarely does one type of meter ever fit multiple applications. Modern flow measurement meters are often part of sophisticated electronic control and reporting systems. Selecting the flow meter that best interfaces with the system to generate reliable results requires experience and technical skill. Meters & Controls has a large selection of devices built by firms recognized as leaders in their device offerings. We have a variety of flow measurement tools for water, steam, inert gasses, fuel gasses, liquid fuels, aqueous and non-aqueous fluid streams. From small 1/8” tubing to 60” diameter water lines we have flow measuring equipment to meet your requirements. To get the flow meter selection process moving please fill in the Flow Meter Fast Track Form as much as possible, or pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to working with you on your flow measurement challenges.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer is a major consideration for process engineers. Trimming a couple of degrees out of a free cooling system for a large office or hospital building, or capturing boiler exhaust heat to preheat combustion air can significantly improve operations, save operating dollars and reduce carbon footprints. Anodizing, plating, heat treating and parts washer temperature control demands precise control of energy inputs to assure predictable results. Our PHE and Laser Plate systems make this a routine operation. Chemical processing systems often have operating temperatures and chemistries that exceed the bounds of elastomeric seals used in some heat transfer devices. We have customizable solutions for these conditions. Specialty reactors and distillation columns for the Fuel Ethanol industry and wide gap heat exchangers for ethanol fermentation beer coolers. Heat exchangers are a corner stone item in heat transfer systems. We have a long history of working with EPC’s and End User Engineers in helping them sort their way to successful system designs. When you are ready, please fill out the Heat Transfer Fast Track Form or pick up the phone and call us. We are here to help you in selecting and purchasing the best heat transfer product for your application.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is an abundant fuel source gaining market position as an alternative to coal. It has lower Green House Gas emissions and helps to reduce carbon footprints for many end users. The control and measurement of the gas is a critical component to using it effectively as a fuel. Meters and Controls has been the source for American Meter, Singer Meter, Elster Meter and now Honeywell Meters since our inception in 1920. We maintain a local inventory to service the upper Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. Below is a sample of the most used natural gas items.

UET Mixers

Inline, High Shear Pipeline, Top Entry, Portable, Mag Drive Mixers, for industrial processing applications. Solutions for the most rugged mixing requirements. Manufactured from a wide range of materials for maximum corrosion resistance in demanding chemical environments.