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Natural Gas is an abundant fuel source gaining market position as an alternative to coal. It has lower Green House Gas emissions and helps to reduce carbon footprints for many end users. The control and measurement of the gas is a critical component to using it effectively as a fuel. Meters and Controls has been the source for American Meter, Singer Meter, Elster Meter and now Honeywell Meters since our inception in 1920. We maintain a local inventory to service the upper Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri. Below is a sample of the most used natural gas items.

Natural Gas Products

Axial Flow Control Valve

  • Inlet pressures up to 1480 PSIG Outlet pressures range from 6″ W.C. up to 900 PSIG
  • Wide temperature range -20°F up to 150°F
  • Compact, lightweight sizes from 2” through 12”
  • Maximum flow rate of 39,000,000 SCFH


The new Ultrasonic gas flow meter Q.Sonicplus is a six-path meter, and subject to an ‘enhanced’ Elster-Instromet patent, with more functionality, bringing about new end-user benefits, along with greater processing power that yields a lower measurement uncertainty.


The unique design of the 3000 industrial regulator is used for distribution, commercial and industrial applications. It is best suited for furnaces, batch ovens and boilers.


1800 Series low-pressure models have a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and offer outlet pressures ranging from 3.5″ w.c. to 5 psi. 2000 Series high pressure models allow a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and outlet pressures ranging from .5 psi to 15 psi. The 1800 Series can be ordered as Full Relief, Partial Relief or No Relief Regulator. 2000 Series Regulators are non-relieving. Both models are available with Overpressure Shutoff, Underpressure Shutoff and monitor capabilities.


The AL-425 diaphragm meter is ideally suited for larger residential or small commercial/industrial installations. Compatible with automatic meter reading technology.


The AC-630, another of the diaphragm meters in the Elster American Meter product line, provides the customer with rugged durability and accurate long-term performance. Compatible with automatic meter reading technology.


The AL-800/AL-1000 diaphragm meters are for usage in commercial/industrial applications. These meters are compact and lightweight, but are designed for positive displacement accuracy for industrial/commercial loads.

4RABO-US 3.5M – 14M

RABO combines tried-and-tested product features of previous rotary gas meters from Elster-Instromet and is a convincing product because it offers a large range of future-oriented features. The device is suitable for measuring gases of the first, second and third families pursuant to EN 437:2009 and for measuring a range of technical gases.


The GT/GTS/GTX Turbine meters are used for heavy-duty commercial/industrial applications. These meters measure gas volume via rotor blades. The rotor rotation rate is proportional to the gas flow. These meters are available in the GT, GTS or GTX models.


Elster American Meter Dry Test Meters are used for field or laboratory testing of gas unsaturated with water vapor.


The pulser provides a dry-contactswitch closure from two separated magnetic reed switchesduring each revolution of the meter index drive. The timingof the two switch closures is separated by approximately a 90°turn of the index drive.The RVP-FI Pulser is installed over the meter index driveusing the holes in the meter body used for the index box.The existingindex and index box become part of thePulser during installation.Contact closures are supplied by normally open Form Aswitches. One side of each switch is connected in common.The output of each switch is available through an integral,12-foot cable along with a common connection for eachswitch. The cable also includes access to a loop for floating tamper-detection circuits as well as a connectionto the common when needed for tamper detection.

Mini-Max Volume Corrector

Mini-Max Corrector from Mercury Instruments is an economical solution for precise gas volume correction anywhere in the operation. It features continuous LCD display of corrected volume, which is updated on meter rotation. It offers an audit trail memory that ranges from 41 days of daily to 400 days of hourly corrected volume, uncorrected volume, average pressure and average temperature.


Filters effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other particulate from gas lines, protecting meters, regulators and downstream gas equipment. Available are screwed or flanged connections and pilot-type filters.

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