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M-Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters Animation

M-Series Electromagnetic Flow Meters Animation

Kapotek KTF Filter CIP

Automatic self cleaning liquid pressure industry filter

Automatic self cleaning backwash filter Type Filterautomat DDF

Animation Filtration and Backwash.

Installing a Gasketed Filter Cloth on Evoqua’s Filter Press

Dr. D, the filter press doctor, from Evoqua Water Technologies shows us the step-by-step process of installing a filter cloth on a gasketed filter plate for your filter press. Our gasketed plates form a tight seal due to O-rings around the recessed chamber and filtrate discharge eyes, allowing for virtually leak-free operation.

TEKLEEN Mini Twist Filter (MTF Series)

TEKLEEN Minitwist series are low-flow, fully automatic, self-cleaning water filtration systems. These filters can handle flow rates from 1-600 gpm with screens as small as 10µ. The MTF filters use very little water for rinsing so the main flow is not interrupted.

Evoqua Water Tech, What Happens Inside a Filter Press?

Bone-crushing pressures filtering micron-sized particulates inside a machine that nearly every manufacturing process uses – what happens inside a filter press?

AC-250 American Meter

Turbine Gas Meter

Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow System

Strength. Precision. Control. Synergy. These are the hallmarks of a great control system. Each piece working together – accurately and flawlessly. That is what you get with Badger Meter’s RCT1000 Coriolis Flow System – our Mass Flow Meter coupled with our intuitive RCT Console software.

Evoqua Water Technologies – Manufacturing Marvels

Learn about Evoqua’s manufacturing facility located in Holland, MI where they manufacture filter presses and other water and wastewater treatment equipment.